Ink & Toner Cartridges FAQ's

You can expect to save between 30-50% off most cartridges we offer. We are able to achieve this in large part due to the fact that the original manufacturers operate with huge marketing budgets that drive the cost of their product up significantly. We do this while still using quality parts to remanufacturer our cartridges, most of which adhere to ISO 9001/14001 Certified standards.

Yes. We take great pride in offering you a product that is as close to original manufacturer quality as possible. Our processes also ensure that you will receive the same amount of ink or toner as the original manufacturer. The only difference that you should notice is the price you are paying. If for some reason a cartridge does fall short of quality expectations, then you can be assured by our 30 day money back and 90 day store credit guarantee. There may some differences in the way that the product will read in your printer, however this will not effect the performance.

Yes. All ink/toner cartridges are refilled back to the same amount as OEM cartridges.

Yes. Every ink/toner that we use has been tested back to the same manufacturer standard. This is an important component of our process to ensure your printer produces a quality print and does not cause damage your printer. Some budget refillers do not do this and run the risk of causing damage to your printer.

Manufacturers legally can not void your warranty according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. You have the right as a consumer to purchase the consumables of your choice. Our cartridges have been tested to meet original manufacturer specifications. Therefore, we are confident that our cartridges will cause no harm to your printer.

Almost all cartridges on the market have some type of electronic strip or chip built in to them. These are not connected to the inside of the cartridge to read ink levels in any way, they are simply counting down from a preset number of pages the manufacturer has estimated it will print. Therefore these indicators should not be relied upon. The cartridge can not read that we have placed more ink inside, so continue to print until the ink fades out to ensure that you get full usage. We would offer this same advice when using original manufacturer cartridges to get your moneys worth.

No. Firmware Updates are a way for the manufacturer to change the operating software on your printer. As a result, your printer can read cartridges differently and no longer allow certain cartridges, such as those with replacement chips (refilled or remanufactured). Protect your freedom to purchase remanufactured cartridges by saying NO to harmful Firmware Updates.

Some of our ink cartridges have replacement chips or electronic strips which read the correct ink levels. Many ink cartridges will show that the cartridge is low or empty on ink caused by the electronic strip estimating remaining page count already being used. Other cartridges
will cause the printer to give you an error message of some sort that is easily overcome. Since we do everything by weight, this is a non-factor and we would always suggest printing until your prints fade out to get full usage.

Toner cartridges, on the other hand, always receive a replacement electronic chip that will cause the machine to reset the remaining toner level.

*Due to the nationwide chip shortage, we are offering some new items that retain the Used OEM chip and will continue to show low or empty on toner. For these items, you will print until the toner fades out.

No. There are a lot of factors that determine what cartridges are available. Our process necessitates thorough testing before any cartridge is released for sale so there is typically a couple of months of delay before any cartridge is available for sale after it's initial manufacturer release. Some older cartridges get phased out due to lack of available re-manufacturing support. If you do not see your cartridge on our website, feel free to give us a call to find out if it might be available for special order.

No, we do not. Outside of the larger contract laser printers, it is rare to find anyone that offers these services. In most cases, due to the rise of replacement parts and labor cost, it is typically better to replace any printer that is malfunctioning and enjoy the benefit of the manufacturer warranty to give you some piece of mind for a while. Though we do not service printers, we would recommend having a can of air to clear toner dust that can build up and effect print quality, as well as some lint free soft clothes that can be used on items such as belts and drums. We would not recommend the use of any abrasive cleaners as these may damage photosensitive coatings, etc..

Canon programs in this error message signalling that the cartridge is, according to the electronic strip, empty. Simply hold down the RED TRIANGLE button for a full 10 SECONDS to bypass and continue to print. You may have to repeat this step to perform the bypass for both the Black and Tricolor cartridge.