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Toner Shipping Information

Toner Cartridge Shipping Information Graphic

There are a number of factors that determine when your product will arrive but rest assured knowing that we understand getting your order to you as soon as possible is a top priority.

1) Availability of Product - We will ship from the warehouse that has your product available. We have 3 warehouses and a retail storefront stocked with products to pull from, so we rarely have any out of stock issues.
2) Warehouse Shipping Order - The closest warehouse to you is always the first choice. If a product is out of stock at one warehouse we will pull from the next closest one to ensure we can fulfill your order.
3) Shipping Carrier - We use FedEx by default, but in some situations we will utilize UPS to ship your package. FedEx has a faster delivery area for the widest coverage area, but there are times when UPS is a better option for your delivery.
4) Inclement Weather, Power Failure, etc. - This is rarely a factor, however in having multiple warehouses to pull product from, switching your order to the next closest warehouse enables us to reroute your order. This often results in no delay to your order, but in some case can delay your order a day or so.

We Can Not Guarantee Shipping Times, However We Strive To Get Your Order To You As Soon As Possible. Most Stock Available For Immediate Purchase At Our Arlington, Texas Store Location. For Current Stock Availability Call 817-557-0300.